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FLOW - A Business Mastermind for an Integrated Life

FLOW is a 12-months mastermind for God-centered married women in business. 

Find God in everything

Love your Marriage

Optimize your business

Welcome in the whole you.

Because it’s all about that. it’s a holistic integrated system

The mastermind is structured around 4 pillars - God/Marriage/Business/You

This is NOT a course, NOT a membership! it’s a full hybrid program - group and 1:1 that will transform your marriage and business. It’s a holistic all-encompassing 360 approach to life putting God as the anchor, and focusing on your capacity to hold and receive.

Join now! You deserve to let it be easy and in FLOW

FIND - A Business Mastermind for an Integrated Life

FIND is a 6-months mastermind for God-centered married women starting a new online business. 

Follow God's Guidance

Integrate with your marriage

Navigate the Online Business World

Deliver Value with Ease

You are made to shine and make a difference!

The mastermind is structured around the same 4 pillars as FLOW- God/Marriage/Business/You

This is for you if you are ready to jump into your new online business without wasting time, money and energy fumbling in the dark. 

Join now! FIND your thing and shine!

FLY - Ready for your marriage to finally take off

This program is based on The FLY Mastermind I ran live - and now it's available to you!

Firstly, You get instant access to The Marriage Breakthrough Retreat replays. 
The Marriage Breakthrough Retreat is the foundation to all the work we'll be doing so if you haven't seen it, or you missed some days, this is a good time to watch or review. 

Soon, You'll be getting access to weekly sessions that will take you through the Connected For Real System.

Each session is a stand alone session and together they build on each other to create the marriage you always wanted, one that is loving and supportive filled with connection and intimacy. 

Included in this program are: 

• 3 VIP one-on-one sessions with me 

• 3 LIVE group office hours

The Intimacy Masterclass

The Intimacy Masterclass addresses: 

- How do I bring back the fireworks?!

- What if I'm not in the mood?

- How do I get it to feel amazing?

- Why is this part of my life lagging behind?

The Connected For Realâ„¢ Membership

The $9 membership that gives you access to The Meditation Library.

Let's bring G-d's presence HOME!

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