FLY - Ready for your marriage to finally take off

The FLY mastermind was originally created for those who aren't in business and couldn't join The FLOW Mastermind but wanted the marriage part of the Connected For Real System.

I ran the mastermind for 6 months last year. It was a complete mind-blowing success. The ladies who were a part of it are still singing it's praises [and if it wasn't about their marriage, intimacy and their private lives, you would have heard their testimonials by now.] 

If your marriage feels weak and shaky or fine and "OK" you deserve a thriving marriage that feels AMAZING!

This will work for you if you are: 

🗝️ Married

🗝️ Committed to loving your life

🗝️ Ready to improve your marriage and thrive

The price of The FLY Mastermind when it ran live was $5982 [no longer available]

The Price of the FLY Program is a quarter of that! $1497 total

You get: 

➡️ 6 months of weekly recordings 

➡️ 3 VIP one-on-ones with me, and

➡️ 3 LIVE group sessions

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