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The FLY mastermind was originally created for those who aren't in business and couldn't join The FLOW Mastermind but wanted the marriage part of the Connected For Real System.

I ran the mastermind for 6 months last year. It was a complete mind-blowing success. The ladies who were a part of it are still singing it's praises [and if it wasn't about their marriage, intimacy and their private lives, you would have heard their testimonials by now.] 

If your marriage feels weak and shaky or fine and "OK" you deserve a thriving marriage that feels AMAZING!

This will work for you if you are: 

🗝️ Married

🗝️ Committed to loving your life

🗝️ Ready to improve your marriage and thrive

The price of The FLY Mastermind when it ran live was $5982 [no longer available]

The Price of the FLY Program is a quarter of that! $1497 total

You get: 

➡️ 6 months of weekly recordings 

➡️ 3 VIP one-on-ones with me

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